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Geringsing fabrics

Do you know about Geringsing ? 

Geringsing is a fabric or clothces that has a high historical of heritage from Bali in Tengan Area. 
Gringsing fabric is the only traditional Indonesian fabrics are made using the techniques and double ikat may take 2-5 years. This fabric comes from the village of Tenganan, Bali. Generally, people gringsing Tenganan has a centuries-old fabric used in special ceremonies. The word comes from gring gringsing which means 'sick' and sing, which means 'no', so that when combined into a 'no pain'. Intent contained in these words is as repellent reinforcements. In Bali, the various ceremonies, such as tooth filing ceremonies, weddings, and other religious ceremonies, performed by relying on the strength of the fabric gringsing. 

History of Geringsing

Based on the myth, the woven cloth originated gringsing of God Indra, the protector and teacher of life for the people of Tenganan. Lord Indra was amazed with the beauty of the sky at night and he describes the beauty of the motif woven through to the people of his choice, the people of Tenganan. God that teaches women to master the technique of weaving that depicts gringsing and capture the beauty of the stars, moon, sun and other heavenly expanse. Dark-colored woven fabric alammi Tenganan community use in religious rituals or customs and is believed to have magical powers. The fabric is also mentioned a tool that can cure disease and ward off bad influences. It states that an expert textile fabric weaving techniques gringsing is only found in three locations in the world, Tenganan (Indonesia), Japan, and India.

In 1984, Urs Ramseyer (1984) in his article titled Clothing, Ritual and Society in Pegeringsingan Tenganan Bali, Tenganan expressed the notion that society as a fellow follower of the god Indra is an ancient Indian immigrants. Immigrants is likely to bring the double ikat technique of Orissa through shipping or Andhra Pradesh and developed the technique independently in Tenganan. Another possibility is that the immigrants elaborate quotations from several types of weaving patola to be developed in Indonesia

Proses and Preparation 

Gringsing fabric-making process from start to finish is done by hand. The yarn used is the result of hand-spun with a traditional loom, not machines. Cotton yarn is derived from imported seed in one of Nusa Penida because only in this place could get one cotton seed. When finished spinning, the yarn will undergo a process of immersion in hazelnut oil before continuing to process tissue and staining. Immersion can take place over 40 days up to a maximum of one year with the replacement of the soaking water every 25-49 days. The longer the soaking, the yarn will grow stronger and more tender.
Candle nut (Aleurites moluccana) were taken directly in the forest gringsing Tenganan and fabric makers have to use pecan that really ripe, and fell from the tree. This is in accordance with awig-awig (custom rules) which states that a particular tree species (walnut, keluak, tehep, and durian) are grown on land owned by individuals should not be picked by the owner, but Hattush allowed to mature on the tree and then fell .
Yarn will be spun into a fabric that has a length (feed side) and width (side lungsi) specific. To tighten the weave, the thread will be encouraged to use bat bones. The finished fabric will be bound by the interpreter to follow a specific pattern of tissue was determined. The binding process using two-color rope, which is pink and light green. Each bond will be opened according to the color dyeing process to generate the appropriate motif and coloring.
Structuring process thread, binding, and staining performed on the lungsi and feed, so the technique is called double ikat. At ordinary weaving techniques, generally only the feed side of the given motif, whereas the lungsi just a plain yarn, or vice versa. Patterns made the fabric must be woven with skill and precision so that each color on lungsi will meet with the same color on feed and generate motifs that look firm.

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