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Ubud Area

These Places in Bali must be visited for tourism!!!!
Ubud has a tourist areas are very diverse, from wana to tirta tour tourist region spreads over Ubud, including:

Sukawati Art Market

Sukawati Art market is where the sold goods art typical of Bali so that suitable souvenirs of Bali for a keepsake. It is about 20 km from the heart of Denpasar. In the art market this there are hundreds of vendors selling handicraft art gathered, ranging from wood sculptures, paintings, t-shirts, shorts, bags, sandals, and more. Motive was unique and distinctively Balinese

Ubud Art Market

In the area of Ubud Ubud Art Market exists or Ubud Art Market place that sells souvenirs typical of Bali. This place became one of the main tourist destinations of Bali for domestic travellers and foreign tourists. Fresh produce such as fruits, vegetables, poultry and snacks can be purchased from local wet market located in the basement of the building

Ubud has a tourist areas are very diverse, from wana to tirta tour tourist region spreads over Ubud, including:

Museum Castle Paintings

Is a museum of fine arts, first run by private, in Bali. Cokorda Gede Agung initiated Sukawati, I Gusti Nyoman Lempad and foreign artists who lived in Ubud, Rudolf Bonnet. Standing on January 31, 1956 under the auspices of the Foundation, Ratna, and in open News officially by the Ministry of education and culture, Muhammad Yamin.

In this museum you can enjoy art developments in Ubud, whether painting or sculpture. Some works of foreign artists who work in Ubud as: Rudolf Bonnet, Walter Spies, Arie Smit and maestro as I Gusti Nyoman local Lempad, I Gusti Made Deblog, Ida Bagus Made and more. As well as works of art in the Pita Maha.

Puri Agung, Ubud

Puri Agung Ubud is located right in the heart of Krisnakusuma city of Ubud. It is the administrative Center Of Ubud in ancient times, as well as the center of art and culture activities and indigenous peoples, held in right in front of the Castle. Mansion Ubud is still has the space and the building is maintained as the original. On the front page, after the gates, there are areas called Ancak Saji. Here are held once a week, dance performing arts for tourists. And every day, carried out exercises of various art groups of gamelan music in Bali.

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